Leaders Debate: My views

Hi guys,

It’s been another long week of campaigning and persuading. However, this week offered us a very precious opportunity to listen to what the leaders had to say; the ITV debate. I understand that many of you watched the event and were thinking and dwelling on everything that was said (and done) and for those who didn’t I am sure that you have heard plenty about the eventful evening. Whether you watched or didn’t I thought I would use this post to share with you my views on the debate and, in my opinion, who came out on top.

Natalie Bennet, Green Party- As you may already know I haven’t much time for Bennet or her party. That being said I will try to be fair and just in this evaluation. Firstly, I would like to note how well I thought she recovered and grew throughout the debate following a shaky and nervy start. She showed voters that she could compose herself in a respectable manner and managed to present her views clearly and explicitly. This being said, I also think that she could have been more involved. I understand that it must have been difficult as the debate was moderated but she always seemed to be quite content in sitting in the corner and listening to what others had to say. It seemed that throughout the debate she used the strength of Nicola Sturgeon and the support of Leanne Wood to try and build strength on what she was saying (the three ladies seemed to stick together to some extent) and that she was much better at giving her own point of view rather than challenging others. For me it posed the question; would you want somebody who was quiet and seemingly lacking confidence to lead your country? I very confidently say no. 4/10

Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrats- Now another person who, safely to say, I am not their number one fan. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Clegg’s performance. I still don’t understand why people would vote for him and I stand by the point that he is way too indecisive on matters, often ‘sitting on the fence.’ I did think that he also built confidence as the night went on and gave some really powerful and strong answers to members of the audience and to challenges from his opposition. He was not afraid to interrupt when he felt that something he did not agree with was said and on numerous occasions he challenged others (mainly Cameron) with some force. I actually agreed with some points that he made and I think that he would be as a cabinet member, sadly not PM. 6/10

Nigel Farage, UKIP- I have always been intrigued by UKIP and in particular Farage. There has always been something telling me that he has a whole lot more to offer, and on this occasion I think he offered much more than he ever had before. As the leader of a party with fewer MP’s than the Lib Dem’s he showed a considerable amount more strength than Clegg. Often controversial and sometimes very risky I think that it is fair to say that Farage is willing to say what a fair few of us think. Whether you agree with he stands for and what he said or not, I think it is hard to deny that Farage was an extremely powerful feature of this debate. He challenged people with confidence and was very prepared with his facts and statistics, his sometimes ‘bullish’ personality shone through and he was certainly not scared of anyone in that room (even the heckler). A very strong performance with clear and well supported points. The people’s person? 9/10

Ed Miliband, Labour- Disappointing. I know of many Labour supporters who also shared this view with me on his performance. His amateur repetition and constant use of the phrase ‘if I was Prime Minister’ was not only annoying but extremely big headed of the leader. He kept on making the same points, especially about Cameron referring to the past, something Miliband simply cannot run from. His answers were often unclear and he was sometimes overpowered by the other leaders way too easily. I think that his weaknesses were showed in this debate. Boring, boring, boring. He seemed to obsessed with Cameron and was not willing to challenge the ideas and views of any other party, he only seemed interested in one thing, becoming PM and not necessarily considering the whole picture. Is this what you want in a PM? 5/10

Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru- By quite a way the worst performer of the night. Now I understand that her main focus was to appeal to the Welsh people and to try and make their voices heard. This was something also shared by Sturgeon but yet she somehow managed to appeal to a number of English voters and ensured us that she was thinking about the whole of Britain. This was the main thing that annoyed me about Leanne. She seemed to only want glory for the Welsh claiming many things as their achievements and seemingly thinking that Wales was the only country effected by Labour’s government. She seemed weak, uninterested in the whole picture and made it easy for people to pose the question, why are you here? 2/10

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP- Taking one look at my Twitter feed would show that this woman is not very popular with me. However, even I cannot deny that she gave a very strong performance indeed. Placing myself in the shoes of many Scottish voters I imagined what I would be thinking of the woman who was representing the majority of their views, I came to the conclusion that I would be pleased. She was extremely confident, sometimes even arrogant which can be needed when you are against characters such as Farage. She most certainly held her own and overpowered many of the leaders who were much powerful than her in the last parliament. Scottish voters, could she be your Iron Lady? 8/10

David Cameron, Conservatives- Calm, controlled and simply in charge. From the get go Cameron showed why he was PM for the last five years. He was controlling the arguments and giving the strongest answers. When many of the leaders had to build in confidence Cameron was operating at his peak for the whole debate. He was clear and fought off challenges from others as though he was simply scratching an itch. I think that the only time Cameron showed some weakness was when Clegg was piling on the pressure. I think Cameron was taken aback by some of the claims and challenges from Clegg and it took Cameron more time to get this under control. At the end of the night I think many voters knew why they had voted him in and knew why they would be doing so again. 9/10

So there you have it, my views. I would also like to make a brief mention about the absence of the DUP from Northern Ireland. I think it is disgraceful how they were shunned away from the debate when they have just as much right as the SNP and Plaid, if it was up to me then the DUP would’ve been offered a position too. After all, they do want to protect the Union rather than destroy it. Thanks for reading guys.

Jack :)

Closing of parliament means the start of campaigning…

Hi guys,

As some of you may know today marked the closing of this government. The PM had to visit the Queen and formally ask her to dissolve parliament. So we now have no MP’s and nobody to represent us. Don’t let this be the case after May 7th, following from my last post I really do urge you to vote (but I won’t force it upon you) so that you are represented in the 56th parliament of our great country. Around about now is the time when you can’t escape politics. It will be the first thing mentioned in every news programme, party election broadcasts will see no end and leaflets will come through your door like when Hogwarts first tried to contact Harry. Campaigns will be everywhere. But you already knew all of this, right ? What you perhaps didn’t realise is that now it is targeted at you! There will be policies that relate directly to you and your family, changes that could shape your future… or ruin it!!! This is the only part of my blog of which I will actively try to persuade you to vote Conservative; less unemployment, less tax and less futures ruined. There, I’ve got it outta my system.

In all honesty though your opinions need to be formed soon. You may be like me and have already decided who you are going to vote for and why or you could have no clue whatsoever! That isn’t a bad thing, now is your chance to watch the debates (one version has already happened), read the leaflets and watch the news. Tune in to everything politics and you will reap the rewards. Don’t find politics boring because of the older generation and traditions. There is something for everyone in politics whether you love sport, your education or your health there will be something that affects you. Now is your time to listen and to be heard. Manifestos will start being introduced very soon but if you want to get a head start then head over to http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29642613.

This was just a short post to keep you up to date with what is currently happening. I will be updating the blog more often now as the election period gets into full swing. I just wanted this post to remind you of what is happening and to urge you to start forming some sort of idea of who to vote for. I would just like to briefly mention the atrocity of the Commons trying to form a secret ballot to oust John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons. Whether you love him or loathe him (I choose the former) it is unacceptable to force him out in such a manner. These are the things that you can do something about, vote for yourselves, vote for your family, vote for your future! Go get ’em guys :)

The importance of voting and TV Debates

Hi guys.

Hope you’re having a good weekend and enjoy the rest of it. I just wanted to talk to you about the importance of voting, now most of us are turning 18 we can vote in this upcoming general election. To me that is a great thing, taking part in the democracy that our great country is built upon. Worryingly many people aged 18-30 pop the all important question; why should I vote? It’s a waste of time and nothing changes. Well, no matter what your views and beliefs it is blatantly clear that something has changed since the last general election, whether that’s something for the best or for the worst it’s still change. Now I’m not going to say that I don’t care who you vote for because I do, I want to have my say and you should too! Below are just a few reasons that I believe we should all vote in this upcoming general election.

1. It’s gonna be a close one folks- This general election promises to be extremely unpredictable. It could be just a few thousand votes or a couple of seats that sway the majority for the next government. With opinion polls changing daily between Labour and Conservative majorities it is becoming common knowledge that the next parliament is most likely going to be hung. This means that there could be another coalition, a confidence and supply arrangement or an immediate re-vote. I personally think that coalition governments are risky and should be avoided and that confidence and supply arrangements are not very democratic. So if you agree with me that there should be a one party majority then you NEED to vote at this upcoming general election.

2. The more people that vote, the more representative Parliament will be of ordinary British people- A representative Government is important in order to ensure that laws are passed that are in the interests of the views of ordinary people. If only 50,000 people voted then only 50,000 peoples views would be represented. Imagine if you hated the idea of a Liberal Democrat majority and 40,000 of the 50,000 people voted Lib Dem, then the other 10,000 people (including yourself) would not get represented effectively.

3. It is quick and easy- It is really easy to register to vote on-line at  https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. You must be quick though because registration ends on the 20th April. Once you’ve registered you’ve already done the hard part. You just have to wait until May, follow the news and then vote. Voting can be done at various stations that are local to you or via post meaning that voting has never been easier. It takes 2 minutes to vote but 5 years for the next one to come round, don’t wait; get your voices heard.

So there’s just a few reasons of why you should vote this year, many people worry that there isn’t any party that they fully agree with. Don’t fret. No single person can possibly agree with everything that a party stands for, just make sure that you pick the one that best suits your views and beliefs and then put your faith in them to ensure that you are represented.

Just a quick note of some news this week. As some of you may know there has been controversy surrounding the much loved televised debates. Even though I couldn’t vote in 2010 I found these debates extremely interesting and they’re part of the reason why I started to follow politics. These debates are great for all varieties of people which makes it hard to hear that there won’t be as many this year. It has been confirmed that there will be one 7 party debate broadcast on ITV on 2 April, this will be good if you support the Greens or UKIP as it will offer a rare occasion for these parties to be widely broadcast. A debate on 16 April will follow on the BBC with 5 opposition party leaders taking part and there will two separate Q&A sessions for Cameron and Miliband broadcast live on 26 March on Channel 4 and Sky News.

I hope this article has inspired you to vote at the forthcoming election and I hope that you will note the dates of the debates that should not be missed out on. Thank you for reading and see you soon.

Jack :)

Who are you voting for in May?

General Post

Hi guys. I just wanted to make my first post a general one about politics and how I see it received around me.

It’s amazing just how many different views and ideas that I have heard in the last week alone. On one end there’s the extremism; this can be at both ends of the spectrum. I see some people who are very extreme in their views, particularly about immigration (yes I went there). I understand the frustration with immigration and it annoys me when Cameron sets targets that are unrealistic. He insists that’s it the ambition to cut immigration to “tens of thousands” when roughly 298,000 people came to Britain in the year to September and it’s no surprise that the Office for Budget Responsibility estimates that net migration will be 165,000 in 2019. Now, I am in no way saying that immigration is a bad thing, it adds skilled people and their ideas to our communities and allows people to learn about different cultures, introducing new foods and ways of life. I’m just saying that 298,000 is too many. Some of these people will happily exploit the supporting systems that we have in place and will not do anything to add to the already prospering communities. Something needs to be done.

This is where the radicalism comes in. I have experienced people saying that the “borders should be closed” and that we should start sending people back. Some people even go as far as saying that immigrants should be deported, simply for being an immigrant. This sort of opinion is the type that gives many people a brand of being a racist. I agree, there are many people in our country that would go to extreme measures to get rid of somebody just because of their religion or race; this is unacceptable.

I believe in the middle ground. A system of immigration that is slightly more selective and sensible, a system that is similar to those in Canada and Australia. These systems test people on their ability to speak the language of the country that they wish to enter, their skills and qualities and their reasons for wanting to seek permanent residence in a different country. This would ensure that immigration is not adding people who are trying to exploit the system. It would allow intelligent, highly skilled individuals to add to a country that is in need of their expertise.

Then we see the much softer approach. Some people just don’t care about politics or feel that they don’t know enough about it to become engaged. They have the view that no matter who they vote for the country will always be the same. This is what worries me and is one of the reasons that I have started this blog. We, as the future of this country need to have our say, we need to vote, we need to shape our futures. Or else someone will do it for you.


(Sorry about the rustiness of the first post, I just wanted to get something out there for people to have a read of, I am sure that I will improve over time)

And thanks for reading :)


Hi guys and welcome to my new blog. I’ve set this up to try and engage more in politics and I want to get more of you doing so to. No matter what your views and beliefs I think it would be great if you took some time to read my upcoming posts. From weekly reviews to general chit-chat about the political world I hope that this blog can help you to understand more about politics and to encourage you to become a political thinker. First post coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled and tell everyone about this!